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Most Recent: 19th Annual Greater Waltham Healing Garden Music Fest

7:30 PM Apr 25, 2015
French American Victory Club
Waltham, Massachusetts

Save the Date (Saturday, April 25, 2015) for the 19th Annual Greater Waltham Healing Garden Music Fest!

This year's event will feature of the best of voices and musicians from Canada and the U.S.

The Lucky Sisters (Allison Lupton, Rosemary Phelan, and Tannis Slimmon) have brought their individual talents (from their own solo careers) to comprise this exquisite and etherial vocal harmony group. From Cambridge, Toronto, and Guelph, Ontario, they'll be making their first U.S. appearance.

We're tremendously lucky to have Paul Mills, who has produced many hundreds of masterful recordings, and is a folk icon in Canada, make the trip southwards for the night. Paul, who is producing The Lucky Sisters upcoming album, will accompany the gals as well as others through the night.

Healing Garden stalwart and fave Kelli Trottier will bring her singing, fiddling, and stepdancing self down from Kingston, Ontario for her fifth Waltham appearance.

Rebecca Hosking, hailing from Nashville, Tennesses, will be unveiling her latest CD at our special event. Scott Neubert, another Nashville resident (and Healing Garden staple) will accompany Rebeca and others in the show.

We're also delighted to present local artist Angela Simonneli for her first Healing Garden special Guest appearance. You may be familiar with Angela from her Red Line Radio rock group.

Natch, it wouldn't be a HG fest without Mr. Versatility and dependability, Matt Leavenworth to provide is accompaniment.

To boot, Bass Player extraordinaire Richard Gates will make his 7th Healing Garden Festival appearance. Richard provides some of the sweetest backline accompaniment you'll ever her.

We'll be enjoying the night of festive music at the French Club in Waltham.

Get your tickets online now, or soon at either the French Club or Marcou Jewelers.

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